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Private Gym scores 4.2 out of 5, based on 22 reviews in this Private Gym forum.

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Author: Peter O from Private Gym Forum

Is this worth the money? How much bigger can I expect my penis to get and do erections get better?

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Author: Olivia from Private Gym Forum

Bought this for my husband and we're both ecstatic so far. His penis has grew larger and erections are better. Thanks Private Gym!

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Author: Matty from Peterborough

Nothing more I can say than amazing! More than I expected - and overall very happy.

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Author: Kev from Private Gym Forum

I'll be honest that I expected far more than I got. Yes, it worked but not as well as I expected. Made my erections a bit better and my penis size got a tiny bit bigger. Not the best.

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Author: Anonymous from Private Gym Forum

Would be a 5-star product but I haven't used it long enough yet. So far though, it's definitely what I wanted. Prolonged erections and my penis seems a lot bigger. Very happy!

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Author: Tommy from Florida

Trust me - you will not regret buying this. If you want to improve and prolong your erections then this is for you! It's the best one out there and it's worked perfect for me.

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Author: Billy J from Dallas

Honestly, I couldn't be happier with the results I got from Private Gym. I feel a real difference and not only that but my wife is a lot happier.

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Author: Graham from NYC

In just one month, I can already see clear results and I'm very happy. With exercise, you can definitely get better erections and a much larger penis.

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Author: Brad from England

Not the best I have used but it worked as stated and I do have a bigger penis from it. Would recommend buying!

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Author: Anonymous from Private Gym Forum

My wife is a lot happier! I am getting better erections and I have a lot bigger penis. Great product and one of the best out there.

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Author: Steve from Private Gym Forum

The Private Gym program is easy to use and results can be seen. But, you must do the exercises every day. Stay consistent and you will see a bigger penis and better erections!

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